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eCommerce SEO Package

Starting from $499/monthly
Upto 25 Keywords

What are the benefits of using eCommerce SEO service?

There is no doubt that ranking higher on Google is important in order to beat your competitors. That’s why you must consider employing the right strategy. While there are various strategies that can bring traffic to your E-commerce website, but SEO is considered as the optimal solution to drive long-term result.  

Why SEO is important for your business?

You must be well aware of the fact that traffic creates sale and SEO creates traffic. Search Engine Optimization has become an integral element of any online businesses. E-commerce is all about online shopping and SEO is important because every online activity begins with a search. Your website must show up on the first page if you want to get noticed by visitors. The right methods of SEO can help you get noticed by improving the Google ranking of your website. Thus, whether you want to improve an existing website or get started with a new website, the SEO campaign can help you accomplish your business goal. More potential customers would be willing to visit your website and subsequently purchase your product if your website can attain a valuable ranking on search engines.

The team of Webzstore can help set up and run the right SEO campaign your E-commerce website. We develop full-service digital marketing solution and devise strategies to take your business to the next level.

All our eCommerce package includes:

Keyword research

Keyword research is a crucial part of an SEO campaign that involves developing a list of keywords and optimizing them to run in the campaign. We choose the keywords relevant to your brand or products that are optimized for SEO.

Competitive analysis

We also conduct competitive research to keep you updated about the competitive sites. Competitive analysis is a task you must consider conducting if you want to know what your competitors are doing.

Website speed optimization

 You could end up losing many prospects and customers if the web pages of your website load slowly. That’s why we try to improve the performance of your website in the best way we can.

On-page optimization

We target all the key factors starting from keyword optimization, site structure to internal linking to make sure your site rank better in search engines.

Link building

Link building includes earning quality inbound links from other websites by offering them something in return. We try to generate the links that are well suited to your E-commerce website.

Content marketing

Content marketing is necessary to provide valuable information to your audiences. You must keep them interested by sharing contents that are appealing to them if you want to drive traffic to your website.

Title and Meta tag optimization

We also create Meta tags and titles of the keywords we select for our customers. This is one of the primary services we offer to keep your online business running effectively.

SEO tools

Using a combination of the latest SEO tools we track and conduct the SEO activities of your e-commerce website and provide the data to help you make a smart decision for your business.

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