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Recommended for medium / large size businesses serving clients nationwide.

National SEO Package

Starting from $499/monthly
Upto 10 Keywords

What are the benefits of using National SEO service?

The National SEO marketing strategy is designed to help medium and large size business and is one of the most integral processes that play a crucial role in improving the search engine result of a website. You can enjoy many benefits derived from using national SEO services for your online business.

Below are some of the wonderful benefits offered by our National SEO service

National SEO’s Frequently Asked Questions

National SEO is for medium or large size business who are looking to target their clients nationwide and come up directly on google organic search result.

We should focus on a mix of both long tail keywords as well as short tail keywords according to our products or services we are offering to reach our targeted audience.

To track the performance of our campaign we setup google analytics and google webmaster account from where we track each and everything like on which pages our visitors are staying the most, what are the list of keywords which we can push to get rankings apart from the main keywords we are targeting, what are the main geographic location from where we are getting most of the visit on our website to make sure we are reaching the right audience, whether our sitemap is indexed properly by google or not, what device is being used most to reach our website.

No, not really but for Nationwide SEO it takes a minimum of 6 months to get a good organic result.

Minimum 6 months to get a good desired result.

All National SEO package include

Step by step technical audit

Since the technical SEO audit is one of the fundamental parts of the SEO campaign, we provide this service. It’s a comprehensive report that helps in boosting SEO optimization and fix on-site SEO related issues.

Creative content writing

Crafting engaging contents is another important part of the SEO campaign. That’s why the importance of creating and using high-quality contents cannot be overlooked when it comes to ensuring business success. We leave no stone unturned to craft quality contents that are optimized for search engines and appealing to viewers as well.

Google analytics setup

Analytic set-up is another crucial service we provide to keep your website on the right track. We create new accounts and install the analytic tracking code by following the necessary steps.

On page SEO optimization

On page SEO optimization is the process of optimizing web pages in order to earn traffic and rank higher in search engines. We use the latest strategy of SEO optimization to make sure your website always stays one step ahead of your competitors.

Keyword research for SEO

Keyword research is another vital component of the SEO campaign that impacts other SEO tasks if it’s not executed properly. That’s why we work closely with clients to understand the business type for generating a list of relevant keywords that are optimized for search engines.

Blog submission

Blog posting is very important for connecting with audiences while simultaneously promoting your business. To keep your readers hooked to your website, we strive to develop ideas and generate blog contents that are appealing to them.

Keywords ranking reports

To keep you updated on how your website is performing, we generate the accurate keyword ranking reports by using the latest SEO tools. The ranking report helps in earning website traffic by uncovering valuable insights.

Conversion tracking in AdWords

Conversion tracking is a powerful tool which allows you to identify how well website visitors are responding. The data gathered through this tool is very helpful in improving conversions.

Competitive research

Competitive analysis is necessary to keep a track on top competitors. It’s an important strategy that allows you to gather crucial information about your competitors allowing you to gain an edge over your competitors.

SEO Meta tags

Appropriate metal titles and descriptions will be written, reviewed, optimized, and rewritten if required. It’s one of the primary SEO services we offer and we have a competent team to work on it.

Schema tag optimization

Schema markup is one of the latest Evolutions in SEO and its one of the integral parts of SEO campaign which is used for certain industries. This new form of optimization significantly helps in boosting website ranking in the search engine result pages.

Website content review

Conducting a content review is very important to ensure your website is functioning efficiently. We work review contents and make improvements if necessary, you can rest assured of that.

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