Klaviyo Not Connecting To Woocommerce

Recently we were trying the Klaviyo plugin on one of our customer’s woocommerce store, but it was giving us a hard time connecting with the Klaviyo API.

After all the debugging process and everything, we finally realized that Cloudflare firewall was blocking the API connection between our store and the Klaviyo account.

So to solve this, we did the following steps.

  1. Login to your cloudflare account
  2. Go to security → WAF (Web Application Firewall)
  3. Create firewall rule and set the following parameters
    • Field = User agent
    • Operator = equals
    • Value = Klaviyo/1.0
    • Choose an action = Bypass
    • Choose a feature = User agent Blocking
    • Save 😊
Klaviyo Not Connecting To Woocommerce

4. Now go to security → Bots and turn off the Bot Fight Mode.

Klaviyo Not Connecting To Woocommerce

Now Purge the entire cache.
Lastly, if you are using any cache plugin on your website, try to flush the cache, wait for 1 minute, and try again. It will work.

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