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Google Local Services Ads Management

Boost Your Local Reach with LSAs

Where is your business ranking?

Unlock your neighborhood's potential with LSAs! Elevate your local business using Google Local Services Ads. Attract nearby customers, enjoy prime search exposure, and pay only for genuine leads.

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Google Local Service Ads Management

Key features of Google Local Service Ads:

Location-based targeting

LSAs target customers searching for services in your local area. This ensures that your ads reach potential customers looking for specific services within your geographic location.


Unlike traditional PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, with LSAs, you only pay when a user contacts your business directly through the ad. This can be in the form of a phone call or a message.

Verified and reviewed

Google Local Services includes a screening process to verify the legitimacy of businesses, including background checks, insurance requirements, and license verification (where applicable). The platform also incorporates customer reviews and ratings, which can help improve your online reputation.

Google Guarantee

Participating businesses that meet certain requirements can earn the "Google Guarantee" badge, which offers customers a level of assurance in the services they're seeking. This can increase trust and a higher likelihood of users choosing your business over others.

Benefits of using Google Local Services ads

Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Services Ads offer several benefits for businesses looking to connect with potential customers in their local area.

Increased visibility

LSAs secure top positions in Google search results, granting your business enhanced visibility, more leads, and customers.

Targeted advertising

Focusing on users seeking services in your area, LSAs streamline your advertising by engaging active, nearby customers.


With LSAs, you pay only for genuine leads from phone calls or messages rather than traditional PPC clicks.

Improved trust and credibility

Google's screening process, including background checks and license verification, bolsters your credibility and online reputation.

Google Guarantee Badge

Earning this badge reassures customers, boosts your appeal, and provides reimbursement for unsatisfactory services up to a limit.

Easy ad management

Google's LSA platform enables easy ad campaign management, including budgeting, tracking, and adjustments.

Performance insights

LSAs deliver valuable analytics on lead generation, ad views, and cost-per-lead, guiding marketing strategy optimization.

Business growth

As a targeted solution, Google Local Services Ads helps local service-based businesses expand their client base and reach potential customers.

Google Local Services application process and guidelines

Verify Eligibility

Start by checking if your business qualifies for the program. LSAs currently support specific service-based industries (e.g., plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, and HVAC professionals) and locations. Visit the Google Local Services Ads homepage to confirm your eligibility.

Set up a Google Account

If you haven't already, create a Google Account for your business. You'll need it to manage your LSA campaigns.

Sign up for Local Services Ads

Navigate to the Google Local Services Ads signup page and follow the on-screen instructions to create your business profile.

Complete the background check

Google requires businesses to pass a background check to ensure they meet the platform's standards. Provide the necessary information and complete the background check process as instructed.

Verify licensing and insurance

Submit proof of required licenses and insurance for your industry to Google. This step helps confirm that your business complies with all relevant regulations.

Set up your ad

Customize your ad by adding your business information, hours of operation, service areas, and a list of services you offer. You can also select your weekly budget based on the number of leads you want to generate.

Collect and manage reviews

Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your LSA profile to help build your online reputation. Monitor and respond to reviews to maintain customer trust and satisfaction.

Turn on your ads

Once Google approves your ad, you can activate it to reach potential local customers.

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