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Billing Dispute Resolution

We kindly request that every customer of Webzstore Solutions allow the company a 30-day period to address and resolve any billing disputes before initiating a dispute with any third-party credit/debit card company or bank. In the event that Webzstore Solutions receives a chargeback from a third-party credit/debit card company or bank on the customer's behalf prior to being granted an opportunity to resolve the issue, the company reserves the right to charge the customer for the time invested in resolving the dispute and any associated fees incurred by the company.

Chargeback Fee

Please be aware that a $50 chargeback fee will be applied to the customer's account in the event of a chargeback. This fee is levied to cover administrative costs associated with handling chargeback disputes. The chargeback fee is separate from any charges for time spent and fees incurred by the company while resolving the dispute.

Upon receiving a chargeback, Webzstore Solutions reserves the right to suspend the customer's account until the matter is resolved. Despite the chargeback outcome, Webzstore Solutions maintains the right to collect any due payment for services or fees. The company may submit any disputed amounts to a collection agency.

Refund Policy

Please note that fees related to Online Marketing Services, Web Development Services, App Development Services, Hosting, Domain Purchases, Reputation Management Services, and Email Purchases, among others, are non-refundable. Nonetheless, Webzstore Solutions will evaluate each refund request on a case-by-case basis and holds the right to either grant or deny a refund at its sole discretion. We are committed to working closely with our clients to address their concerns. Our primary objective is to ensure customer satisfaction.