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Local SEO Services

We Also Called It Google Business Profile Management Service or Local Search Engine Optimization.

Where is your business ranking?

Get found by local users in your city and surrounding areas looking for your service with our local SEO services.

Our Local Search Engine Optimization will help you:

  • In appearing on the google map section when people are searching for a service + near me or nearby
  • Increase in phone calls
  • Increase in leads generation
  • Increase traffic to your website
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Local SEO Services Near Me
6 months

Pricing For 1 Location $1500

(for complete 6 months)

$100/Mo for each additional location up to 5
Custom quote for more than 5 locations

To learn more about our long term plan and additional benefits please call us at: +1-949-613-5191.

All Plans Include:

Google Business Profile Setup & Optimization
Local SEO Audit
Local Keyword Research
Managing Products & Services
Manage Business Hours
Weekly GMB Post (100-150 words)
GMB FAQ Creation
Image Optimization
Monthly Citation Building
Identify & Fight Spam Listings
Schema Markup Setup
Monthly Reporting & Insights

Pricing For 1 Location $299/mo

(minimum 3 months commitment, why 3 months?)

  1. Verifying your business profile on Google and setting up the complete profile takes around 2-3 weeks.
  2. Website optimization and content optimization parts take a minimum of 1 week.
  3. Other technical ON Page SEO optimization takes 1 week.
  4. After that, the backlink, promotion, and citation process start, which is ongoing work to get the best result.

So we are not a magician. We can't just bring your business name on the first page of Google within 1 month, so to start seeing a good result with competitive keywords on local google search, it takes somewhat around 3 months, though marketing is always an ongoing process.

You can stop your marketing, but your other competitors won't.

$100/Mo for each additional location up to 5
Custom quote for more than 5 locations

To learn more about our long term plan and additional benefits please call us at: +1-949-613-5191.

All Plans Include:

Google Business Profile Setup & Optimization
Local SEO Audit
Local Keyword Research
Managing Products & Services
Manage Business Hours
Weekly GMB Post (100-150 words)
GMB FAQ Creation
Image Optimization
Monthly Citation Building
Identify & Fight Spam Listings
Schema Markup Setup
Monthly Reporting & Insights

Why is Local SEO So Important To Grow Your Business?

Why is Local SEO So Important For You To Grow Your Business
  • Local SEO is designed to attract targeted customers.
  • It serves to promote and improve your website’s visibility on location-based searches.
  • Local SEO ensures that your website shows up on top when looking for your services.
  • It drives customers toward the services they are looking for. 
  • Several studies state that about 90% of customers found the services they were looking for after a local search.
  • 70% of people conduct local service searches through their phones, tablets, and desktops.
  • 20% of local search leads turn into a sale within one or two days.
  • Reports state that about 80% of people search for the location of the service provider organization via local search.
  • 1/3 local searches are conducted before visiting and arriving at a store.
  • Customers can find the services they seek within a specific location.
  • It’s beneficial and convenient for first-time visitors.
  • Omit, 98% of consumers search online for local businesses, with 15% of online searching for local businesses every day.

Google loves local businesses because they are precise and attract focused customers online.

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Why optimize your Google Business Profile?

Why optimize your Google Business Profile

There are many reasons why optimizing your Google Business Profile (GBP) is essential. One reason is that it can help you improve your local search rankings. If you have a well-optimized GBP, it’s more likely that your business will show up higher in search results when people are searching for businesses like yours in your area.

Another reason it’s important to optimize your GMB listing is that it can help you attract more customers. A well-optimized listing makes your business look more professional and credible, encouraging people to visit your store or website.

Optimizing your Google My Business listing is an integral part of local SEO. It can have a significant impact on your business’s success. If you haven’t already, make sure to contact us so that we can optimize your listing to attract more customers and improve your local search rankings.

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How Our Local SEO Service Works

1. Discovery Call

One of our dedicated google my business manager will connect with you to discover your business, where we will collect all the info about your business, which will help us set up your business profile or optimize your existing business profile.

Suppose we have to set up a new business profile. In that case, Google will send a postcard to your physical business location containing a pin which usually takes 5 working days for the USA, UK, and Australia but for Canada, it takes roughly 12 working days.

2. Competitor's Discovery and Keyword Research

Based on your business category and your target location, we will work on finding your competitors and their strategy.

We will come up with the best local keywords for your business which will be further implemented in your campaign to optimize your local rankings to bring in all the traffic.

3. Optimizing your Google My Business Profile

Our dedicated google my business expert with years of experience will optimize your business profile fully.

They will ensure that your business has a strong profile on Google Maps and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for its location. This will give the best possible chance of being found by potential customers online through relevant search terms.

4. Website Audit, Content Optimization & Blog Setup

Now that we have all the keywords in hand, the website audit and content optimization part come next.

In this step will be doing all the technical stuff on your website like updating the title tags, description, content optimization, and checking whether your website passes the Google mobile responsive test or not. If not, we will also do the mobile responsive fix for you.

If your website is built using WordPress, Wix, square space, or any other CMS which offers blog features, we will set up the blog on your website.

5. Schema Markup Setup

Once all the ON Page audits and optimizations are done, we will implement the schema markup for your business so that it's easy for the search engine to recognize your business type, business location, business opening hours, business phone number, and the services you are offering to your customers.

6. Speed Optimization

The last thing we will do on the website is speed optimization. Everyone loves a speed website. Whether your user or search engine, no one wants to wait for the website to take forever to open or to switch from one page to another.

We will try our best to optimize the website's speed to at least above 80/100 on the google page speed test.

7. Weekly Posting For Increased Engagement

We will be posting short, weekly posts that show up in search results and can be used to:

  • Highlight news, events, or announcements
  • Promote special offers or discounts
  • Share relevant and exciting content with your audience

8. Local Citation / Business Directories Submission

We will be distributing your business info, such as your business hours, products and services offered, and even photos, focusing on the high-quality directory and review sites specific to your business location.

9. Fight Against GMB Spam

GMB SPAM is a problem that can affect any business with a GMB listing. It's important to be aware of spam's potential and take steps to protect your listing from it. There are a few things we will do to help keep your listing safe from GMB spam:

  • Keep your contact information up to date: This will help ensure that only legitimate businesses can contact you through your listing.
  • Flag spam: We will make sure that your competitors are not using spammy tactics to outrun you on the ranking, like stuffing keywords on their business name, creating multiple listings with a fake address, etc..

10. Monthly Reporting

We will be submitting you a monthly report from where you can track your keywords ranking, which we have achieved over the entire month, the number of phone calls and leads you have generated with our service.

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How To Choose the Best Local SEO Company

How To Choose the Best Local SEO Company

Choosing the best Local SEO company can significantly impact your business's visibility and success in local search results. Here's a guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Understand Your Needs and Goals

Define your SEO goals before searching for a company. Are you looking to improve rankings in local search results, increase foot traffic, enhance online reputation, or all of these? Knowing your objectives helps you find a company specializing in your area of need.

2. Research and Compile a List of Companies

Search for local SEO companies online. Look for those with good reviews and case studies. Compile a list of potential candidates.

3. Check Their Track Record and Reviews

Research each company's track record. Look for reviews, testimonials, and case studies. Please pay attention to how they've helped businesses similar to yours.

4. Understand Their Strategy and Approach

Different Local SEO companies have different approaches—schedule consultations to understand their strategies. A good company should have a clear, transparent method for improving your local SEO.

5. Look for Local Experience

Experience in local SEO is crucial. The company should understand the nuances of your region, including local search habits, local directories, and regional trends.

6. Examine Their Communication and Reporting Style

Effective communication is key. The company should be able to explain complex SEO concepts in simple terms. They should also provide regular, understandable reports that track progress.

7. Consider the Price, But Don't Let It Be the Deciding Factor

While budget is important, the cheapest option may sometimes be the best. Look for a company that offers a reasonable price for quality services.

8. Ask About Their Tools and Techniques

Inquire about the tools and techniques they use. Ensure they use ethical, "white hat" SEO techniques and have access to the latest tools for analysis and optimization.

9. Seek Personalized Services

Each business is unique. The company should offer personalized services tailored to your specific needs and goals.

10. Get a Sense of Their Passion and Dedication

Choose a company that shows genuine interest and passion for helping your business succeed. Dedication and enthusiasm can be a good indicator of their commitment to achieving results.

FAQ About Our Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO Services is available for the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India.

No! you can sign up for month-to-month service and 6 months or a yearly package. However, our month-to-month service requires a minimum commitment of 3 months to show you the best result.

Our qualified content and graphics teams will be fully responsible for creating all these materials. However, you are free to provide your graphics, content, and videos.

We will offer you a tool that will take care of this entire process and help you get reviews on the site that matters most for your business.

With our tool, you can easily reach out to your customer via email or text to leave a review for you.

Yes, if you have more than 1 GMB profile in the same city or a nearby location within 15 miles radius, you will have to pay $100 extra.

Suppose you have a different GMB profile in a completely different state or outside 15 miles radius of your original business location. In that case, you have to discuss the pricing with us because multiple locations mean multiple GMB profiles and strategies. All the work has to be done for that location as well.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you have to notify your assigned account manager 30 days before canceling. Otherwise, you will be charged for that month.

Of course! One of our GMB specialists will get back to you and share some live results of our existing clients, which will help you understand more about our service. Please get in touch with us either by calling us or through our contact us page.

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