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What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) to publish content on the web. It's free, and it's available at WordPress was released under General Public License V2, which means that its source code is freely available for modification or enhancement, even commercial exploitation.

WordPress powers about 455 million of the websites worldwide as of 2021, and that number continues to grow with 1.1 million new downloads every six months and over 2 million per year.

WordPress is also available as a hosted service at, but this version doesn't allow you to modify its source code, which seriously limits your freedom for customization.

WordPress core is composed of a lot of reusable modules called plugins. WordPress plugins are PHP files that extend the functionality you can find in WordPress. For instance, there's a plugin that allows comments on your website or one to publish slideshows with pictures from your photoblog… This is a good way to share functionalities among WordPress users.

WordPress core is also composed of files written in the php programming language, which allows you to manage content to publish on the web, like news items, articles, and pages… There are many tasks to accomplish with these functionalities, but one can work without knowing that all this code exists. You have to use the graphical builder interface of WordPress to manage your content. This is an excellent way to work on web content without knowing about code or PHP.

Why should you consider using WordPress as a platform to build your website?

WordPress is free, and it's widely supported. Also, many developer teams are working on plugins or themes that you can use to improve your WordPress site. Whatever your question, you'll find someone on the forums or on Facebook who will be able to help you.

How does WordPress work?

You just have to upload WordPress on your website, and it will start to work automatically.
WordPress is composed of 3 elements:

  • A database where you can store your contents (posts, pages…) in a structured way. You create the database tables by using plugins such as those provided in wp-dbmanager.
  • Files are written in PHP, which will make things work.
  • Web pages created from these files and from posts/pages you'll publish on the web.

Nowadays, all the modern hosting company comes with 1 click install to WordPress to your hosting without worrying about anything. Just install, customize and start publishing your pages and contents. However, please feel free to contact us if you need a tailored website. We can help you with any kind of custom website build using WordPress for your business.